I’m grateful we can keep practicing together and stay in touch, and it’s been really lovely to meet new people along the way. If you’d like to join me in class, please make sure you have Zoom set up and book via the links below. You’ll receive an email to join the class 10-15 minutes before the class begins. Email me at if you have any questions, feedback or requests.

Yoga is a valuable resource to keep you moving, grounded and connected, and I hope it offers you something positive in this time.

All classes are open-level vinyasa

Online Classes:


12:30 P.M.-1:30 P.M. GMT for Saatchi & Saatchi staff only


12:30 P.M.-1:30 P.M. GMT

Book here:


10:00 A.M.-11:15 A.M. GMT

Book here

Outdoor yoga to begin again! Potentially from April 4th pending restrictions and weather.


9:00 A.M.-10:15 A.M. BST in real life at Victoria Park!

Book here

We’ll meet on the north bank of the pond opposite the Pagoda. It’s very open-you’ll see us!

If you come through the Bonner Gate entrance, you’ll head right toward the pond, and then take a left to cross the bridge just before the Pagoda. Cross the next bridge, and you’re on the north bank of the pond opposite the Pagoda. Both the Victoria Park Market and the Pavilion Cafe are close by and will be open post class. There are toilets near the Pavilion Cafe.

Classes are £10 to drop in, or you can pay £30 for the entire month. I’ve also added a £5 reduced rate for those who may need it. Please bring your own mat, props, water…whatever you might like to have. I’d recommend checking the weather, dressing in layers and maybe even putting sunscreen on (fingers crossed for some sunshine) as we all know London weather can be fickle. If it’s raining or looks like rain, I’ll make a call at least 30 minutes before class to give everyone notice. If we aren’t able to practice in the park, I’ll send you a Zoom link to practice online. If you prefer not to practice online and purchased a single class, I’ll refund your payment. Let me know if you have any questions. I so look forward to seeing you!


Katrina Kurdy

I’m a senior yoga teacher (500 E-RYT) from the U.S. currently living and teaching in London with my husband and two children. I’ve been teaching since 2011 and completed an advanced training with Jason Crandell (2015-2016). I love to learn about the body and mind, and embody that knowledge through my own practice, to create an experience that helps you disconnect from distraction and open to the profound benefits of yoga. My classes are alignment-based and strong; yet they are also fluid, compassionate, and woven with steady breath. A personal witness to the changes yoga can bring to someone’s life, I find it hugely rewarding to share these practices with others.

As an adult there have been many things that have caught my interest, but I always find myself moving forward on a path of healing. I briefly studied premed, art therapy and pharmacological chemistry before graduating with a B.Sc. in human biology from the University of California-San Diego, and now I’m also a birth educator (KGHypnobirthing) and am soon to study mindfulness meditation and hypnotherapy. Despite my desire to do many, many things, yoga has been a consistent part of my life since I was in university. After graduating, I decided to deepen my understanding of it, which led me to teaching. As I started my yoga journey, I realized everything I was learning was so close to what I already believed. The philosophy of yoga is likely something you will already find inherent in you. Yoga is not a brand, a celebrity, a religion, nor postures that require a dancer’s flexibility. Yoga is a personal journey. It’s about looking inward-seeing more clearly, more honestly. You don’t need to be anything other than you, as you are right now, to begin. You just need to be willing to try and open to the experience. Yoga can make you feel good (physically, mentally and spiritually), but it can also challenge you. The practice is to ultimately find moments of inner stillness despite the challenges that might arise; for some, this takes a very physical practice, while others may be able to access that through breath and meditation.












If you can’t make my group classes, are brand new to yoga or are rehabilitating from an injury, you may be more interested in a private session…


Sessions are built around you, to grow your practice in the areas most important to you, with the overall intention of bringing balance to your body and mind. I work closely with a physiotherapist (my husband!) and can tailor your sessions to specific imbalances/injury if you need.

There are many benefits to a personalized practice:

  • Every body is different and everyone practices yoga for different reasons. A personalised session allows you to move in the direction that suits you.
  • Yoga can be a great tool to rehabilitate from injury or to improve posture, especially when it is tailored to your needs specifically.
  • If you’re an athlete, whether novice or professional, balancing strength and flexibility is paramount to avoiding injury. Yoga gives us the tools to find the imbalances and address them.
  • Tailored sessions to what you need most and a break down of the postures can bring depth and clarity to your yoga practice.
  • It’s convenient-in a location and at a time that suits you!

Email me for questions or rates I’m happy to share information or give you any recommendations.


Corporate Classes:

Between work and your journey time to and from, it can be hard to find time for you. Corporate classes bring yoga right into the workplace-giving you a timeout from your day to reset, de-stress and focus on both your physical and mental health. Corporate yoga classes provide an inexpensive staff perk with benefits that are well-documented and extend beyond the individual to the team and even to the business itself. These classes are easily tailored to fit into your schedule and structured to accommodate all. If you’d like more information, whether you’re an employee or employer, please send me an email! Some of my clients (past and present): The Musician’s Union, Saatchi & Saatchi, and The Future Laboratory.


The style of yoga I teach…

is a blend of inspirations but would fit under the umbrella of vinyasa yoga. I originally trained in power yoga with an advanced training under Jason Crandell who teaches vinyasa/hatha from an Iyengar background. My teaching is also influenced by the compassionate, introspective and student-informed ethos of Yoga on the Lane (a lovely studio I teach for), and the strength and depth of Jivamukti and Forrest classes (particulary with Kristi Rodelli).