Be present


Colorful lights are sparkling around the city and Christmas trees are on every lot. The smell of woodsmoke fills the air. Fuzzy gloves and heavy winter coats are coming out of their hiding places. There’s a buzz and a chill in the air. Even as I write this I feel excited for the coming holiday season, the wrapping up of 2014, and the start of a fresh new year.

December…a month full of holiday parties, family visits, travel, treats and time off! It’s easy to get caught up in the swirl of events this month always brings. You hurry to get through to your holidays and realize you missed out on December, you scramble to host your dinner parties and realize you missed enjoying time with your guests, you rush toward the new year and realize you rushed through the last. The reality the year is coming to an end can make you dwell in the past, and the looming new year can cause your mind to be stuck thinking about the future. It is a challenge to live in the moment in December.

Daily December to do list:
  • Do less (even if just for 5 minutes!)
  • Breathe
  • Realize you are not your thoughts…let them go
  • Savor every moment
  • Stop resisting
  • And be accepting

As you plan your holidays, set goals for the new year, and reflect back on 2014; try not to get caught up in the whirlwind. Be present in your life, for your loved ones and for yourself. ‘Now’ is the only place where you can fully enjoy life as it unfolds. The past is gone, the future exists only in your imagination. All you have to experience, to control, is every moment you’re aware and truly living. The seconds you spend stuck in your thoughts, wishing or regretting is time you never get back. Life is a beautiful thing. The more time you spend living it with all of your senses, the more rich and fulfilling your life becomes…the more peace you feel, the more joy…the deeper your connections with others and yourself.

“Have you noticed,” she asked him, “how we live much of our lives in the past and most of the rest of it in the future? Have you noticed how often the present moment slips by quite unnoticed?”
– Mary Balogh, Simply Magic

Embrace the place where life happens.  ♥︎  Enjoy every sparkling light, every holiday treat, and every reunion with your loved ones this holiday season.

Warm wishes for a very happy December,


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