Don’t be afraid to put a little tape on your head.

My high school art teacher walked into class one day with a rolled up piece of tape stuck to his forehead.  If you knew him, you would understand why we didn’t automatically assume this was on purpose. He was an artist, a sometimes scatterbrained, lost in thought artist.  He was the kind of guy who let his potter’s wheel spin as he became engrossed in a topic, hands flailing in passion over the subject, his beautiful vase spinning wildly into a lump.  Someone who had wet clay to his elbows and didn’t notice everything he touched turned to dust.  Someone who might not actually know he had tape on his head.  He seemed agitated.  We all shared sideways glances with eyes lowered.  He was a kind man, but passionate, agitated people can be scary.  Then he said the most brilliant thing I’ve ever heard.  He announced to the class that sometimes he put tape on his head to remind himself not to take life so seriously.  Imagine that…rolling up a piece of tape, sticking it to your forehead, and then heading off to work.

We never figured out what had happened to him that day.  There the tape remained through our lecture, throughout the rest of class, and so on in my mind as one of the greatest life lessons I have ever learned.

Don’t take yourself so seriously, and if you do, don’t be afraid to put a little tape on your head.  It’s sure to bring you right back to the more important things.

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