Life Doesn’t Wait

Since I wrote my first blog post (which was, embarrassingly, several months ago) I’ve been to many places around the world without my own home to return to.  I’ve been trying to find balance in life with my feet off the ground, by deciding the only way was to get my feet back on the ground.  The reality, though, is that life never stops moving or changing or surprising.  With time I realized I needed to stop living in the future where life has perfectly come together *cue butterflies and rainbows* and find balance in each moment.

My helpful reminders:

Life doesn’t wait.  Life keeps on moving no matter what you have going on in your day.  The quality of your life depends on how you choose to think about it.  Choose to think it’s amazing!  Trust that all the decisions you make, large and small, lead to where you are in life.  Believe that you are there for a reason, but also know that with your choices, life can go wherever you want it to.  Be optimistic.  Life’s greatest moments don’t wait for you to be in a better mood-they pass on by hoping you’ll take the time to appreciate them.

My favorite mantra to remember these things? ‘Snap out of it’.  I am not above talking to myself, and often find that it helps me to lighten up and even laugh at-with? myself.  This year has been full of learning experiences, and I’m grateful for the entire journey I’ve been on (and all of the air miles that came with it).  *I’m sorry ozone.  I will do my best to make up for it.*  The best lesson I learned, is that there is no enlightenment that comes from watching the sunset at a temple in the sky in Thailand (not to say it isn’t amazing).  The enlightenment comes from your thoughts and feelings in every moment…what you make of every experience.  Some of the greatest things in my life are what I put the most effort toward, or what I’ve learned when I’ve been the most uncomfortable.  I think it’s safe to say we all want to put in the least amount of energy for the greatest outcome, but it feels good to take responsibility for our lives instead of betting on a good one in the life lottery many think exist.  How many times have you heard people say “When will it get easier?!”?  Well, it never will if you just sit and expect it to, or if you choose to think everything is hard.  If you want to be happy, then be happy…everyday.  Even if in the beginning you can only find little things to be grateful for, you are creating a new habit.  Soon it will become effortless.  Happiness doesn’t depend on circumstance.  Spend less time with negative people or less time being negative…or better yet, bombard them or yourself with positivity (even if you have to force it at first).  Eventually, the negative seeds will go away (or you can spend less time around the generators).  If you want to be able to pike up both legs into a handstand like an acrobat (my current goal), then practice…everyday.  I know my abs aren’t getting stronger sitting here.  Even 10 minutes a day will bring you results, then work your way up until an hour doesn’t intimidate you back onto the couch.  If you want good relationships, then put in the effort…everyday.  Think before you speak.  Put others first.  Reach out.  Many of us only think we should put in what we get out, but put in a little more and see what happens!  In the end you both win, and what did it truly cost you?  Happiness, love and kindness are free and endlessly supplied!  If you want to be healthier, then do healthier things…everyday!  Giving into your sugar cravings will only make you crave it more (must practice this one).  Hate water?  Make yourself drink it…start with a couple glasses right when you wake up.  The more you do these things the less you’ll have to think about them!  Be present enough to notice how these changes make you feel physically and mentally.  Jot stuff down throughout the day if it helps.  Realize deeply that you are the only one that has the power to control your life; take responsibility for the quality of it.  We can’t change everything overnight, and we’re not all dealt the same hand; but we all have the same amount of power and control over how we think about our lives and, for the most part, what we do about it.  Have you heard of Zach Sobiech?  Google him if not.  Be inspired.

Even though inspirational blogs are a dime a dozen and this is not new news, I always find it helpful to be reminded and re-inspired.  As I write this, I feel more grateful, more ambitious and more inspired to reach for my goals.  Journaling, reading, making lists, creating new habits, breaking bad ones…  Don’t be intimidated by the thought that change is hard or takes too long-it gets easier with a little time, and it is well known that time flies!  Start now.  No one is perfect, even those people who have the most amazing handstands ever started from scratch, but they started!  Be dedicated to what you love and cultivate the life you want.  Set yourself up for success!   Be truly honest with yourself.  (I know that, even though I’d like to think I love yoga and working out so much I’ll fit it in whenever, if I don’t work out first thing or plan it into my day, it probably won’t happen).  Make a schedule and hold yourself accountable to it.  Be compassionate with yourself, but also be firm.  Practice until it’s easy, or at least until it becomes a reality…until the thought of being happy or doing a pull up or switching careers isn’t just wishful thinking.

Temple in the sky.
Wat Tham Suea, temple in the sky.

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